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Why you should choose us

Treesse Progetti success is based on the wealth of experience acquired through years of activity in process automation.

Its main strengths are:

A pool of technicians and engineers constantly looking for new techniques and technologies aimed at improving performance, cost control and environmental protection;

First-rate customers including several international companies of great fame and reputation;

Costant collaboration with influential partners who support the company in order to fully satisfy the needs of its customers;

High quality standard methods at multinational level;

Tailor-made solutions on worldwide platforms;

Continuous flow of information, site management;

Cutting-edge technological solutions;

Preventive expert consulting;

Machine downtime reduction;

Remote control;

Lifetime software warranty;

Specialisation in complex plants;

Delivery of documented software (source);

Well-finished plants which are functional to the operational staff on duty;

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Hanno deciso di collaborare con noi