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Smart TIA Portal Project Import/Export

Following the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, Smartworking has become a way of working that we have often heard about and which we have inevitably learned to make the best use of it.

Thanks to our experience in automation engineering and the high know-how of our technicians, we were the first to cultivate, deepen and appreciate a "smart" programming mode. The solution conceived saves engineering hours thanks to the development of an Add-in that allows to halve the software design time, especially in the initial application phases where there are many I/O (LIO) and Utility (LU) numbers.When a new project is commissioned in Siemens TIA Portal, in fact, it is necessary to outline both the software and the hardware configuration, starting from the IOs and the received specifications, a job that turns out to be long and tedious and where an Excel spreadsheet is widely used as data source.

The solution developed by Treesse, Smart TIA Portal Project Import/Export, allows our developers to focus on project criticalities and customer-specific customizations, thanks to the less time spent in this initial phase.

By developing special Add-In, it is possible to import into Tia Portal some of automatic routines such as mapping IOs, automatically generate code and hardware configuration, as well as topology. This process can also be done in the opposite direction, that is, populate a spreadsheet starting from an existing project.

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