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Treesse Progetti is a retailer of MICRONPASS for access control and security designed by Microntel, a dynamic and flexible solution which ensures maximum corporate protection and security.

  • It is characterised by a hardware component, a data acquisition and communication system and an access control procedure totally carried out via web.
  • It performs in real-time: area monitoring, gate access profiling, input and output management of digital and analogue signals which can be interfaced with temperature, door status and power supply status sensors, visual and audible alarms.
  • It provides the staff situation within the buildings in real time, as required by safety regulations.
  • It may be integrated with anti-intrusion, fire, video surveillance and building automation systems and therefore manages any security requirement in a totally flexible way.



TREESSE Progetti is a MICRON retailer, a product designed by Microntel for the personal attendance monitoring. The solution provides, with accuracy and effectiveness, all the information for human resources management.

  • It is characterized by an hardware component, a data acquisition and communication system and an attendance procedure.
  • It manages all the personnel activities: collection of stampings acquired with clipping parametric, correction of anomalies, processing data obtained, customizable reports and statistics. Results can be interfaced with any procedure of payroll processing.
  • It streamlines the management of the canteen, via terminals and modules that handle reservations and consumption of meals, with debit on payroll.

MICRON, with INFOPOINT WEB, optimizes the activities of the Area Staff, allowing users to view information through the web. INFORPOINT WEB facilitates communication between members and officers, through a mail generator that send an summary e-mail at every responsible on a daily basis.

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