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Other types of plants

TREESSE Progetti as leader in automation engineering and supervision is successful in numerous sectors, including: chemical, pharmaceutical, brick, cement, nuclear physics, rubber extrusion, packaging, glass, special projects, etc., even though the company highlight is definitely the food & beverage sector.

There are numerous different problems in all these sectors from regulating the process sizes, managing interpolated axles, pull regulation, electric shafts, heat flows and other typical aspects of automatic plans, where the use of leading brand PLC, widespread SCADA systems and multilevel networks enables TREESSE Progetti to apply its engineering with truly exceptional results.

With its extensive skills obtained through its experience in system integration, P&I analysis of machine cycles and lists of sensors and actuators, TREESSE Progetti can fully grasp the client’s needs and shape a custom made automation solution accordingly.

Treesse provides cutting-edge solutions to
problems and optimizations related to industrial production processes
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