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Food Industry

In this field, TREESSE Progetti provides all its extensive engineering knowledge in numerous different fields: coffee, seed oil, bakery products, granular stock and pasta are just a few of the products whose production uses TREESSE Progetti automation.

The technological solutions in these fields are extremely diverse: from redundant PLC combined with control rooms with client/server architecture, to systems managed by cutting edge operator panels and concentrated logic interfaced with outsider SCADA systems.

Constant upgrading of the PID regulation, motion control, data communications technologies enables TREESSE Progetti to successfully handle all the different sorts of problems.



The customer required to be able to control the entire process of receiving and storing raw materials and oil products.
The system needed to interact with all departments of production and for this reason the control had to be accessible from all areas of the factory.
It represents the heart of the whole factory and requires a pure solution that minimizes the chances of "Black out".


The supervisory system has been developed on Citect SCADA in client/server configuration with two redundant servers and 7 client located among departments, one of which is used as an engineering station; within the same system it has been developed also the supervision system of the electric lot, it is visible also on an additional client that is always connected through the same Ethernet line. This part manages I/O wired and serial signals read by Sepam via Modbus RTU.
For the development of automation and supervision system it has been considered the typical management utilities made according to the parameters of TREESSE Progetti and already applied in similar process systems.


Our technicians, after a careful analysis of the process and thanks to their experience in the field, have set the design emphasizing the dynamism of the entire process that is easy to understand and easy to use. Many simulation test were carried out at our headquarter.
The start-up took place quickly ensuring to the client an immediately full control of the area.


The experience and the ability to analyze the customer's need and the subsequent selection of the best interface and control tools that best suits the case. L'esperienza e la capacità di analisi delle esigenze del cliente e la successiva scelta dei migliori strumenti di interfaccia e controllo applicabili al caso.


The Oil Mill SG, founded in 1997 by the entrepreneur Franco Rossetto, it is located in the industrial area Aussa-Horn, an area of high strategic interest-logistics.
The plant is located on an area of over 138,000 square meters and is operating in the mining and refining of vegetable oils.

Its products are:
• Crude oil
• Neutral oil for energy use
• Refined oil for food
• Flour for animal feed
• Oleine
• Lecithins
• Tires
• Deodorization distillate

The Oil Mill S.G. has gained important certifications to guarantee the quality of its products, including:
Certified GMO- free soybean products and corn.
Certification GMP + for the production of components for animal feed.

Treesse provides cutting-edge solutions to
problems and optimizations related to industrial production processes
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