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Alert - Alarm Notification and Management

Alert by Micromedia
Alert™ is an alarm management system that ensures real-time reporting of alarms and events to guarantee optimal security of your plant or any type of infrastructure.

Alert™ is able to process alarms and execute commands from different sources (automation software, PLCs, files, databases...), offering operation control, downtime reduction and maintenance efficiency at any level. Alert™ offers multiple functionalities, such as managing alarms, calling the operator or group on duty and executing specific action lists.

Alert™ emits information through various means of communication:

- Telephone (fixed or mobile): operators are called by phone, listen to alarms and acknowledge them via the integrated voice server.
- SMS: to alert off-site operators via mobile phone or pager.
- Dedicated paging systems to quickly alert maintenance operators working on-site.
- Fax, teletype and e-mail to receive written reports on detected alarms and their context.
- Internet browser or WAP-enabled mobile phone.

Calls are also logged by Alert™, along with operator confirmations, providing a maintenance history.

Furthermore, by installing the ALERTMobile app, available on Android and iOS, you will always have a unique and easy-to-use media at your fingertips that allows you to be notified of alerts and to interact with ALERT, wherever you are.

Discover all connection options, the range of functions and advantages of ALERTs in the product brochure, download it now!

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