Process optimization and efficient resource management are essential elements to stay competitive

This is where Treesse Progetti's MES systems come into play, an indispensable tool for every production manager

Our MES systems are the ideal solution to optimize production and improve the operational efficiency of enterprises. With a suite of powerful features, we offer complete and accurate control of all production activities, from planning to execution.

Treesse Progetti’s MES systems enable real-time monitoring and management of manufacturing operations, capturing data and providing detailed process information. This information enables companies to make informed and timely decisions to optimize performance, reduce downtime and maximize overall productivity.

In addition, our MES systems facilitate inventory management, enabling accurate control of raw materials, components and finished goods. This helps reduce waste and optimize inventory, improving the efficiency of logistics operations and reducing overall costs.

The MES is the glue between manufacturing and management. By integrating with other enterprise systems, such as HMI and SCADA and management software (ERP), we provide a complete and integrated view of operations. This enables effective collaboration between departments and the sharing of critical information, improving communication and facilitating decision making.

Here at Treesse Progetti, we understand the importance of a robust MES system that is adaptable to the specific needs of companies. We want to offer a reliable technology infrastructure to optimize production, improve operational efficiency, and maintain an edge in today’s competitive market.

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How can a MES system be useful to your company?

Resource monitoring

Control materials, waste, labor, machines and processes.

Production control

Determine the production schedule as a collection of work orders, making optimal use of resources.

Machine status

With an overall view of machine statuses and alarming, you have real-time monitoring of the plant.

Product traceability

Record and retrieve information of raw materials, semi-finished and finished products by associating them with their respective batches.

Business efficiency

With info collected from the field and operator statements, it is possible to monitor plant availability, speed, and quality.

Release of documentation

Through aggregation of available data, generate finished reports for production or integrable for third-party systems.

Maintenance management

Plan appropriate activities to maintain production lines at maximum efficiency.

If at least once you have had one of these problems...

Limited work in progress visibility
Traceability issues
Excessive inventory management costs
High levels of scrap and rework
Slow response times
Outdated production data
Low productivity
Failure to meet production schedules

...find out how to solve them with our solutions!

Achieving more by doing less in an easier way will become your new way of working,
to reach new levels of performance and achieve the most with your business, thanks to a custom-designed MES system from Treesse Progetti.

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