Revamping and


Transform and upgrade plants, production lines, and individual machines for a new production life

Revamping and retrofitting are key interventions in industry to improve the efficiency, productivity, and lifespan of existing machines and systems.

These allow old equipment and obsolete industrial automation electrical systems to be modernized and brought up to current standards without having to completely replace the equipment or machinery. This intervention involves replacing obsolete electrical and electronic parts with higher-performance, modern components, allowing the same, if not higher, product quality and original manufacturing processes to be maintained.

Industrial revamping is a strategic option for companies wishing to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and extend the useful life of their equipment and facilities, without the need for massive investment in the purchase of new machinery, as well as improving the quality of the product produced.

When does it become necessary to undergo industrial revamping?

Expensive or hard-to-find replacement parts for installed systems
Exponential increase in time spent on planned maintenance and frequent breakdowns negatively affecting production
Outdated software implemented on PLCs or SCADA systems
Inadequate production time and tooling for efficient production
Need for interconnection and real-time data collection for business and production control
Evaluation of the current fleet for possible upgrade using the new generation of products

What are the advantages of revamping?

Increased plant productivity

maintaining the mechanical parts that have led to the product’s success and improving production performance

Modernization of existing facility

with the introduction of new hardware, firmware and total traceability systems

Service customization

to meet the specific work needs of each client and function in different work environments

Greater savings and lower incidence of contingencies

thanks to new components that are more durable, strong and reliable, reducing downtime

Evaluation before revamping


Analysis of the current state of the machine or plant, including processes, speeds, and performance quality


Thorough overhaul and maintenance of components to restore the machine to a level of performance equal to or better than that of a new plant


Implementation of improvement solutions based on technological innovation, as well as changes to comply with current regulations


Possibility of collaboration with partners for mechanical revamping for modernization work


Testing and technical verification to ensure proper machine operation before resuming production

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