We support customers, manufacturers, integrators and end users in the design, commissioning, testing of their solutions and operator training.

With our industrial automation software, we offer a set of key features that help maximize process efficiency, reduce human error and improve overall productivity. These tools enable you to create flowcharts, implement advanced control logic, and efficiently manage inputs and outputs. They also interface with automation devices and collect essential production data.

With such capabilities, Treesse Progetti’s software simplifies and automates complex tasks, providing significant industrial benefits. For example, consistent and reliable sequences of operations can be created, ensuring maximum accuracy and minimizing waste. In addition, these software enable accurate monitoring of system performance in real time, facilitating immediate detection of any anomalies or inefficiencies.

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We offer specialized services in the field of motion control and process control

Motion control services

A motion control system that includes inverters, drives, and motors, all seamlessly integrated into one complete engineering concept is the perfect solution in customized machine and production line applications that can be quickly and easily modified to accommodate different formats, sizes, product types, and production workflows.
By coordinating hardware and software optimally, it is possible to achieve a precise, dynamic, and easy-to-implement application solution for the control and regulation of motion systems with multiple electric axes.

Process control services

A fully integrated process control system leads to a drastic reduction in the engineering required, on the one hand, and a decrease in operation and maintenance costs over the life of the system, on the other. The integration of a version control system speeds up the systems validation process. In addition, the integration of alarm and trending systems ensures total transparency without the need for expensive additional expert systems.

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Design and development of standard IEC 61131-3 motion control applications and integrations, on Siemens and Codesys platforms
Safety software development that meets machine and plant safety specifications
Design of applications on Softplc architecture (Siemens Open Controller, Phoenix PC Embedded, and more)
Research the best method for revamping solutions in non-automated plants or to optimize their productivity
Design and development of robotic cells
Evaluation of the current fleet for possible upgrade using the new generation of products
Design and development of process control applications based on international ISA-88 standard and developed with DCS or PLC/SCADA solutions
Design of high-availability and safety-oriented redundant automation systems

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