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ALERT is a software solution for centralizing and managing your critical alarms in all sectors of industry

Micromedia’s Alert is an advanced alarm management solution designed to monitor, track and resolve emergency situations and critical events in a timely manner. With an intuitive interface and powerful features, Alert stands out as a reliable tool for optimizing alarm management in various areas.

Based on MS-Windows™ operating systems and capable of integrating into both simple and complex technical architectures, ALERT effectively and reliably centralizes and forwards critical alarms from a monitored site to the right people using the media that they have chosen for notifying messages and according to their defined on-call schedule.


Centralization and integration of alarms from different sources
Customizable, multichannel notification system (SMS, email, mobile app)
Flexible configuration of alarm parameters and escalation rules
Advanced reporting and analysis capabilities to assess trends
Optimizing operations, preventing failures and reducing downtime
Intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy alarm management
Customization of actions to be taken when alarm thresholds are exceeded
Support for operational security and immediate response to emergency situations
Adaptability to the specific needs of each operational context

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ALERT is an alert management software for process optimization and increased plant profitability, and is used in a variety of industries with an increased level of automation.

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